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APR is pleased to announce new enhancements to our entire B8 A4, A5 & Q5 2.0 TFSI AVL software lineup!


With over half a decade of development poured into this platform, APR’s Engineers are pleased to deliver several free upgrades to our existing customers. APR Stage I, Stage II and our K04 Turbocharger ECU upgrades are now revised with our new calibration strategies designed to produce a fantastic driving experience with more power and torque on tap!

APR’s calibration experts spent months working with the various ECU, hardware and octane configurations to deliver a driving experience second to none. Major improvements were made to the way the throttle behaves, leaving the driver to feel more connected to the vehicle than ever before. With control and response maximized, APR’s engineers set out to increase power while keeping factory comforts in mind during part throttle driving. Engine load, valve lift, cam phasing and boost levels were all optimized to ensure the engine was breathing as freely as possible for maximum output. Ignition, lambda and other aspects of the direct injection fueling system were tweaked to raise and refine power further. The end result is a fantastic leap in performance and response that wakes up the engine sooner in the RPM band and carries horsepower and torque further towards redline.

Please visit each product page for full details, including our performance charts at the wheels, crank and the gain over stock using 91, 93 and 100 octanes!

New Figures:

Stage I ECU Upgrade | Product Page:

  • 301 FT-LBS / 256 HP – max gain of + 53 FT-LBS / + 55 HP over stock on 91.
  • 322 FT-LBS / 266 HP – max gain of + 74 FT-LBS / + 66 HP over stock on 93.
  • 323 FT-LBS / 282 HP – max gain of + 74 FT-LBS / + 76 HP over Stock on 100.

Stage 1 v1.3 vs v2.0, at all four wheels


Stage II ECU Upgrade | Product Page:

  • 341 FT-LBS / 287 HP – max gain of + 92 FT-LBS / + 97 HP over stock on 91.
  • 354 FT-LBS / 291 HP – max gain of +105 FT-LBS / +101 HP over stock on 93.
  • 359 FT-LBS / 304 HP – max gain of +109 FT-LBS / +111 HP over stock on 100.

Stage 2 v1.3 vs v2.0, at all four wheels


K04 Turbo Upgrade | Product Page:

  • 321 FT-LBS / 339 HP – max gain of +121 FT-LBS / +149 HP over stock on 91.
  • 342 FT-LBS / 348 HP – max gain of +130 FT-LBS / +158 HP over stock on 93.
  • 387 FT-LBS / 363 HP – max gain of +145 FT-LBS / +171 HP over stock on 100.

K04 v2.0 vs v3.0, at all four wheels


APR’s Stage 1 and Stage 2 ECU Upgrades are now version 2.0 while the K04 upgrade is version 3.0. APR’s electrical engineers are upgrading hundreds of ECU files as we speak with roughly 70% completed at the launch for the North American Market. Our rest of world software will follow shortly. Please contact your APRdealers and importers today to check for availability, submit requests and schedule appointments.

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